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How to Order Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is an important aspect of your wedding, as it completes the ceremony. The guests at your wedding are most likely to remember your wedding cake, so it has look great, and taste even better. Following are a few things to remember when ordering your wedding cake. Size: The size of your cake […]

Wedding Trends for 2014

Your wedding day is certainly among the most important days of your life, so you need to plan months in advance to make it an unforgettable one. Make sure that you pay attention to every aspect of your wedding from the clothes, your hair, the decorations, accessories, invites, themes…the list is endless. World of colors: […]

How to Pick your Bridesmaids

A few weeks, even months prior to the wedding, you will probably be waking up in the night wondering how you are going to handle it. Your ‘big day’ has to be really special. The problem is, you need help with it and calling on a few people often leaves others upset.

Wedding Venues: Outdoors vs. Indoors

Think about some of the finer aspects of choosing between an outdoor and indoor wedding. Both have pros and cons, some of which are listed here.

Qualities a Top Wedding Planner Must Possess

Wedding planners need particular skill sets to manage their job efficiently. There are a number of things that need to be tended to, and a person who is not properly trained for this role may not be able to handle the extreme level of pressure which is faced during the week of the wedding. Here are some qualities that good wedding planners should possess.

Budget Woes? – Prioritize What’s Most Important

Are you having a problem financing your wedding ceremony efficiently? Working on a budget can be rather hard, especially for important celebrations like weddings. At such events, you want to spend whatever it takes to make it a success. However, there are a number of places you can save on without having to diminish the quality or enjoyment.

How to Pick the Most Flattering Wedding Gown

Deciding on your wedding dress is one of the most difficult wedding related decisions you will have to make. You must pick out something that suits your body type for you to look stunning on your big day. Do not choose a dress just because it looks great on a mannequin.

How to Pick The ‘Best’ Best Man

Picking the best man can be a difficult task. Often, you will find yourself choosing between your friends. Coming to a final decision can then become frustrating because others may get upset. Additionally, your family may put pressure on you to choose your brother or fiancé’s brother, something you may not want to do. Try to make the decision irrationally; sometimes that works better.

Create a Trend with Statement Wedding Shoes

White and light coloured heels are the most commonly used bridal footwear. But, you can also go the other way by not opting to wear these traditional wedding shoes. You can make a fashion statement at your wedding by wearing any shoes that you fancy.

The Hottest Wedding Colour Trends

Prospective brides and grooms who are out planning their weddings will usually find it difficult to choose a colour theme for their special day. The colour theme of an event can either make it a huge success or turn it into a big disaster. Here are three of the hottest wedding colour trends of the season, which will help those who are in a dilemma of making a choice.

Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Want to have a wedding out of the church, and away from the familiar places? Then a destination wedding will be the perfect choice for you. This is the best option for couples who want to make their entire wedding an adventure of a lifetime. Here are some tips that will help you to plan your unforgettable destination wedding.

The Alternative Wedding Flowers for Bouquets

A bride usually walks down the aisle with a bouquet of fresh and beautiful flowers like roses, orchids, and tulips. But do you wish to have something different other than these commonplace bridal bouquets? If so, then read on to know your choices.


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